She's /NOT/ ready
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How to export VMs between two Hyper-V servers across a Workgroup network , avoid 'General access denied error' (0x80070005)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007-2013 latest updates

Windows script to set firewall rules for QuickBooks Database Manager

Some ringtones for the Sony Ericsson T62u.

Or how about adding 512MB CompactFlash card to an Amiga 1200?

Maybe adding one to a 4000 is more your style, then?

Do these look familiar? Here Here

Neat little map script I put together in PHP and its result.

Registry file to tune Windows XP/XPx64 using an SSD

Old HOWTO for compiling MySQL on Solaris

Old HOWTO on SMTP AUTH as done on Solaris with Sendmail

Hook for Horde/Imp to use Sendmail virtuser table for logins

Procmail recipe to assign case number subject to emails with no subject, and auto-reply to the sender with message and case.

Changes to SemK700.inf to use the SonyEricsson K790a as a modem with Windows XP x64 Edition

Here's a program I wrote in 1988 for the TI-99/4A... I'll have more as I dig 'em out

Alan W. Rateliff, II